Shareholders Meeting 2014 - Pertagas Booked Net Income for Rp 2,14 trillion


News Summary: Under the condition of the weaken of business in energy area, PT Pertamina Gas (Pertagas) in 2014 has been grown up significantly.

Under the condition of the weaken of business in energy area, PT Pertamina Gas (Pertagas) in 2014 has been grown up significantly. In General Shareholder meetings for year 2014 in Friday March 20th with attendance of Director of Hulu Pertamina (persero) and CEO of PT Pertamina Retail as representative of the shareholders, Pertagas wrap up the Net Margin 2.14 trillion IDR, (US$ 178,7 Million) increasing 12 % from 2013 with  1,90 trillion IDR (US$ 158,8 million)
“Pertagas should proud, because became one of Pertamina subsidiary who over achieved from net income RKAP (budget – plan) in year 2014” Yenny Andayani said as Commissioner of Pertagas. General Meetings of shareholder also announce the increasing of net profit most likely became from Corporate Revenue in 2014 with US$ 698,6 million, 12 % rises from 2013 US$ 615 million.
“Performance result in 2014 is very extra ordinary, the corporate has achieved psychological net profit US$ 178,8 million” Hendra said chairman of PT Pertamina Gas.
Otherwise, Pertagas has been shown proudly performance operational. All line of business has been increase. Gas Trade volume in 2014 reach 40.979 BBTU, raise 21 % from previous year with 33.866 BTU.
LPG Lifting in 2014 has number of 385 tons / day increase 48% from previous year with 259 tons / day. Meanwhile gas transportation (net) in 2014 reach 12.880 BOPD increase 4,3 percent from previous year with level 12.352 BOPD, but the number of volume gas transportation has been decrease 3,3 % from 1.428 MMSFD turn into 1.394 MMSFD in 2014.
“The decrease of gas volume transportation cause by reduction of gas production in West Java area “ Hendra said. Otherwise Pertagas predict this number will be increase in 2015. “After Arun-Belawan gas section turn into commercial in middle march” Hendra continues.
Performance of investment, Hendra describe in 2014 Pertagas aggressively develop other project such as : Gas Pipe Muara Karang – Muara Tawar, Gas Pipe Gresik – Semarang, Gas Pipe Porong – Grati, and Gas Pipe Belawan-KIM-KEK. The others 2 project that has been finished and operated are Arun- Belawan projects and LNG Arun Receiving and Regasification Terminal.
The other point Hendra Said, in 2014 PT Pertamina Gas has been shown Positive Social Performance. That year Pertagas has been complete CSR program with number of fund 3,5 billion rupiahs cover some area in educational, health, infrastructure and improvement people and also funding for Social fund in disaster area.  The others positive record in Pertagas are 3 PROPER Hijau and 1 PROPER biru that given by Ministry of Forestry and Environmental for constantly developing of environmental in Corporate operational area.


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