Pertamina Capable As Global LNG Players Reception Terminal, Hub, and Arun Regasification Proven Reliable, LNG Cargo Fifth Arrive As Scheduled.

News Summary: PT Perta Arun Gas, a subsidiary of PT Pertamina Gas, which operates Terminal Reception, Hub, and LNG Regasification Arun, today it has received LNG cargo fifth of Tangguh

JAKARTA, 25 Juni 2015 – PT Perta Arun Gas, a subsidiary of PT Pertamina Gas, which operates Terminal Reception, Hub, and LNG Regasification Arun, today it has received LNG cargo fifth of Tangguh LNG which shows the reliability facility to support national energy security, especially in northern Sumatra.

Director of Agric Arun Gas Khaidir Teuku said that since receiving the cargo premiered on February 19, 2015, Terminal Reception, Hub, and the Arun LNG Regasification has been operating safely and smoothly. Plant availability factor until the end of May almost 100%, which means that it is proved reliable to receive and regasify LNG to be supplied to consumers.

"Of course very proud of this achievement and we will forward it to consistently maintain the continuity of its operations. Moreover, starting from June 10, 2015 Agric Arun Gas has a 100% operate this facility, having previously collaborated with Industrial Engineering as the EPC contractor, "said Teuku Khaidir.

Today (25/06), Terminal Reception, Hub, and the Arun LNG Regasification received a fifth LNG cargo from Tangguh LNG plant with a volume of approximately 138,000 m3. The LNG will be supplied to the electricity generation in Belawan through gas transmission pipelines Arun-Belawan.

"With the entry of the fifth LNG cargo, gas absorption PLN will again increase to above 90 MMSCFD, from the previous average of about 75 MMSCFD. Under the contract, the supply of gas to PLN will increase gradually until the future will reach stable at 105 MMSCFD, "he said.

Reception Terminal, Hub, and the Arun LNG Regasification will play an important role Pertamina for natural gas business in the future. Facilities that are modified first LNG plant in the world that will become the main source of the foundation for meeting the needs of industrial gas and electricity, not only in the region of NAD, but also other parts of Indonesia.

With its status as a hub that has the potential storage capacity of LNG amounting to 12 million tons per year, Terminal Reception, Hub, and LNG Regasification Arun allow Pertamina to seek sources of LNG supply competitive from a variety of sources and supplies a wide range of destination markets, with domestic demand as the main priority , The facility can be a feeder for Reception facilities and LNG Regasification Terminal or Floating Storage and Regasification Unit existing or to be constructed by Pertamina.

As is known, in addition to having obtained a commitment from the supply of domestic LNG refineries, Pertamina also ensure supply from foreign sources. Pertamina get the assurance of supply of LNG from Cheniere Corpus Christi, United States 1.5 million tonnes started in 2019 for 20 years, also from Africa as much as 1 million tons per year, starting in 2020 for a period of 20 years.

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