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Page Summary: PT Pertamina Gas is a company who has focus in midstream sector and downstream of gas industry

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Pertamina Gas is a company who has focus in midstream sector and downstream of gas industry in Indonesia. Pertamina Gas is part of Indonesia's Gas Holding, own by PT Perusahaan Gas Negara, Tbk (PGN) and PT Pertamina (Persero), that manage gas trading, gas transportation, gas process and gas distribution and other business who has related with natural gas and their inheritance products.

Pertamina Gas start to operate in February 23 2007. This is the starting point of an answer for UU No. 22 / 2001 and also to increase demand of gas commodity in Indonesia as an environmentally safe energy alternative to replace fuel oil. To increase of value added in gas market is also one of the objectives. Pertamina Gas constantly expanding its business by developing new gas pipelines, city gas pipelines and other gas projects throughout Indonesia in order to provide domestic energy demand.

This effort will provide value-added to gas business in Indonesia. PGN and Pertamina competence in managing the gas business will drive Pertamina Gas to one of major energy company in Indonesia. Pertamina Gas business is to ensure sustainable energy supply throughout Indonesia. With strong business support from its holding PGN and Pertamina, also from the other affiliates, will generates strong synergy in the oil and gas business. Business of Pertamina Gas consist of:

1.    Gas Transportation

Pertamina Gas owns more than 2.000 km gas pipeline transmission that transport more than 1,400 MMSCFD of natural gas to various consumers, such as power power plants and industries.

2.     Gas Trading

Pertamina Gas also manages gas trading business. In 2018 Pertamina Gas has trade gas in total 45.266  BBTU to industries, city gas and other commercial organization.

3.    Gas Processing

Pertamina Gas manage gas processing business by operating 2 LPG processing plant which are LPG Plant Pondok Tengah in West Java dan NGL Plant Sumatera Selatan. By the end of 2018 Pertamina Gas has sold 214.466 ton of LPG.

4.    LNG Regasification

Pertamina Gas operates LNG Receiving & Regasification Terminal facility in Arun, Lhokseumawe. By the end of 2018, this facility has supply gas 45.836 BBTU to fulfill energy demand for power plant and industries in Aceh and North Sumatera.

5.    Oil Transportation

Pertamina Gas also manage special task in operating oil transportation business in South Sumatera through Tempino – Plaju oil pipeline.



Laba Bersih Pertagas Naik Jadi 146 Juta US Dollar

Kinerja positif kembali dicatatkan oleh PT Pertamina Gas (Pertagas). Pertagas berhasil meningkatkan kinerjanya selama tahun 2018 serta mampu mencetak laba bersih perusahaan sebesar 146 juta USD yang melampaui perolehan laba bersih tahun sebelumnya. “Tahun 2018, kami berhasil meningkatkan laba dari 141 juta US Dollar menjadi 146 juta US Dollar,” ungkap Fitri Erika Corporate Secretary Pertagas seusai pelaksanaan RUPS Tahunan Tahun Buku 2018 di Gedung Oil Center, kantor pusat Pertagas di Jakarta....

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Pertagas Gaungkan Falsafah Ki Hajar Dewantoro di Ajang ISRS International Conference

Filosofi "Ing Ngarso Sung Tulodho, Ing Madya Mangu Karso, Tut Wuri Handayani" menjadi sorotan tersendiri di even DNV LV ISRS International Coference (Jumat, 12/4). Direktur Operasi PT Pertamina Gas Achmad Herry menyoroti pentingnya praktek leadership yang dicontohkan tokoh nasional Indonesia itu dalam implementasi Quality, Health, Safety, Environtment (QHSE).....

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